45s @ each:
Waiters walk,
Hip flexor stretch,
Goblet squats,
Goblet swings,
Push-up changes,
Goblet swings,
One arm rows,
Spiderman push-ups,
KB good mornings,
1/2 Getups,
Hip flexor stretch
A.1-6-1 Unbroken Double KB front squats, rest 4 min x2
B.Max reps unbroken strict pull-ups, 300m row, Rest 4 min x3


SWEAT 45 – April 24, 2024

9 Min Amrap BBW50’ Walking lunge 25’ Seal slider 20 sit ups 25’ bear crawl  Every 4:00 x 3 MWG = 12 min5 BB back squats 6 shuttle runs 12

April 24, 2024

Working for 20 minutes, 10 reps each with a partner:Medball chest passBand pull-a-partMedball scoop pass (10/side)Band external rotation pullMedball overhead slamBand overhead reach 8 rounds

CrossFit Lite – April 23, 2024

1 warm up 3 heavy sets 8 strict press16 alt cossack lunges10 banded pull through  1 warm up 3 heavy sets8 Push press 8 bent over row 10/10


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