More Paleo tips from our resident Paleo Expert and Paleo Mom, Melissa Joa
Thickener: Use Arrowroot or Tapioca
Add to small amount of water an whisk in while heated
Sweeteners: Use honey, maple syrup, fruit purée, beet puree(red velvet), or date purée.
Flour substitutes: Use almond, coconut, hazelnut, or arrowroot(fluffier).
I like to cut coconut or almond flour with arrowroot. Per 1/2c of coconut or almond, I use 1/3c arrowroot
Lots of eggs
Whipped cream: Put a can of coconut milk in the fridge and scoop off the thick cream and whip. Serve immediately
Onion powder makes things taste cheesy
To make a “cheesy” sauce, use egg yolks and coconut milk as your sauce base(scalloped potatoes, squash, or root veg), paleo Big Mac, carbonara, fettuccini etc.
3 yolks per 1/3 cup of coconut milk
Melissa is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN). A mother of three and an avid CrossFitter, Melissa specializes in whole body health – balancing the foundations of digestion and the body’s systems, along with lifestyle, emotional, and energetic support.
You can contact Melissa at melissajoa@shaw.ca

Bridge run,
5 Rounds:
Squat series x3 each,
Toes to bar x5,
Dumbbell snatch x5/side
Grace or Isabel


CrossFit Lite – March 5, 2024

Skill Handstand Pushups  2 rounds for time:30 cal row20 Air squats 10 Handstand push ups (Or progression)  Rest 2:00 2 rounds for time 10 Handstand push ups 20

March 5, 2024

Skill: Ring muscle-ups Ever 2:00 x 5 sets (10 minutes):1-5 ring muscle-upsEasy machine in remaining time 3 rounds for time:3 push-ups3 pull-ups10 overhead walking lunges

SWEAT 45 – March 4, 2024

5 rounds :45 on/:30 off Sumo DLAb wheel outsHeavy banded good morningsDB weighted sit ups ( can have toes under DB)Goblet cossack squats  6 min amrap3/side –


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