CrossFit Games Recap pt. 1 – Thank you+
The CrossFit games this year was the most amazing experience of my life. The most incredible part was the love and support I got from friends and family. I cannot say thank you enough to raffle ticket buyers, t-shirt wearers, and Facebook supporters. It’s an overwhelming feeling to have the support of you all. As always, I want to thank Mike Kesthely from Dynamic Nutrition. If you haven’t heard me talk about Mike, he is a fantastic nutritionist that has helped me since last year. Cam Birtwell did an excellent job preparing my body (more on that later). Christopher Morey of Naturally Fit for hooking me up with a host of supplements to help me perform and recover optimally through the weekend.
Reebok and CrossFit created an incredible athlete and spectator experience. I was blown away by the ‘vendor village’ and other spectator fun. The CrossFit Games is like a fitness Mecca meets fitness carnival. On the athletes side it was a 20,000 square foot, air conditioned tent with more massage, chiro, food, and support than a CrossFitter would ever need. Having the 2011 games and regionals to compare to the growth of this sport is mind boggling. I can’t wait for 2013 whether it’s as an athlete or spectator.
That wraps up pt.1 Next I will discuss a few events, give my thoughts, and a break down from a coaches and competitors perspective.

Strict 1 arm KB press
Walking lunge per leg
Clapping pushups
Double Unders
200m run


March 29, 2023

2 sets:10 reps per side, adductor dip10 reps per side, T-hip rotation10 reps alternating thoracic bridge 2 sets:10 reps per side, floor slider side lunge

CrossFit Lite – March 28, 2023

3 Rounds:45 each exercise– Side to side floor thrusters– Leg Raise to windshield wiper– Plank Bird Dogs– Hollow Lifts Half of THE SEVEN:7 rounds:4 HSPU4


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