20 min:
Bridge run
Rounds of:
Squat series x3 of each,
10 Alternating DB snatches,
5 Inchworm push-ups
AMRAP in 6 min:
6 Push-ups,
8 KB Swings (overhead),
20 Double unders
REST 3 min
AMRAP in 6 min:
6 Burpess,
8 Box jumps,
20 Wall-balls
REST 3 min
AMRAP in 6 min:
6 Slam-ball,
8 Pull-ups,
20 Cal row


September 29, 2023

Skill: Ring muscle-ups EMOM x6: 1-5 ring muscle-ups or progression For time:50 double-unders40 alternating weighted box step-ups30 push-ups50 double-unders20 alternating weighted box step-ups15 push-ups50 double-unders10


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