Foam roll upper back and lats,
7-way shoulder stretch,
20s on 40s off – slamball + jump
Flat back shoulder flexion x10
A.3 Series: TnG Power Snatch 4.3.2 rest 10s between sets, as needed between series
B.Back squat @60% x10, Front squat @135/95 x10, Air squat x30, rest 4 min x3
Quickly build to deadlift 2×5@80%
Plank 5s/5s x12, rest 60s x5


SWEAT 45 – April 19, 2024

3 X Tabata = 12 min DB Push press Air squat  Bent over DB row Step back lunges DB hang clean Cossack squats  Machine intervals 4 x 2:30work/ rest 1

CrossFit Lite – April 19, 2024

20 min for quality :20 Hollow hold 5 Candlesticks :20 Arch hold 10 Ring swings :20 Reverse plank hold 10 Bench shoot through 50 40 30 20 10 Double unders 10 8

April 19, 2024

20 minutes, for quality:5 reps per side, thoracic bridge5 reps per side, half kneeling wall windmill5 reps per side, rotational medball slam5 reps per side,


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