EMOMx5: 20 KBS,
Fwd lunge length of gym,
Bkwd lunge length of gym,
Side lunge on leading leg,
Side lunge on back leg
AOTM x12:
Even: 8 Dead-lifts,
Odd: 4 Front squats
Same bar, same weight
AMRAP in 4 min:
10 power snatch 75/55,
10 Burpees over bar
Rest 3 min
AMRAP in 4 min:
10 Push-press 95/65,
10 Box jumps
Rest 3 min
AMRAP in 4 min:
10 Power cleans 135/95,
50m run


March 24, 2023

5 sets, @increasing effort:6-8 pull-ups @21X120 hollow plate pull-overs6-8 deficit push-ups45 seconds reverse plank 4 rounds for time:15 toes to bar50′ dumbbell front rack walking


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