Expanding on APRE – Undulation Periodization

The APRE method is considered to be an undulating model of volume and intensity. Meaning that we have flowing ups and downs of intensity and/or volume. As you perform more reps and accumulate more volume, you must add more weight to balance it with intensity. As you add weight, you obviously will be able to perform fewer reps with the higher intensity which results in a drop in volume. We then build our volume back up to a point where we are able to support another increase in intensity.
It helps to view these two metrics together; in total calculated volume per workout, and intensity. If you look at the table and graph below you can see that the volume increases to a point where the intensity must be adjusted. Once the intensity is increased there is a coinciding decrease in volume. We continue to add volume until there is again, another increase in intensity. It is this up and down relationship that gives us a mean gain in both volume AND intensity. And it is this reason that we always use our last set to dictate our next. Even though we may be able to increase the intensity, it is important that we get the proper dose of volume before doing so.
In this table you can see the up and down relationship of volume and intensity. Notice in week 4 the increase in Intensity (Blue line) and the corresponding decrease in Volume (Green line). Also notice, in week 5 the drop in intensity (Blue line) and the corresponding increase in volume (Green line). In week 10 there is an increase in Intensity (Blue line) and a corresponding decrease in volume (Green line). This up and down relationship continues back and forth, consistently building both over time.
You can also see, illustrated by the black line, the mean increase in volume. Though volume goes up and down it is always trending upwards. The increase in intensity is obvious seeing the athlete’s weights rise from 200lbs to 220lbs.


December 1, 2022

6 sets, every 2:00: 4 deadlift @21X1 *not touch and go, start @7-8/10, add 0-10lbs per set 2 warm-up + 3 sets, heavy across: 12

November 30, 2022

EMOM x6: 2 tall clean to low squat 2 tall split jerks + 6-minutes to build to a heavy set for the day: Clean deadlift

November 29, 2022

Skill: Ring muscle-ups + Every 2 minutes x 10:00 minutes: 1-5 ring muscle-ups or progression 30 skips or double-unders Easy calories AMRAP in 12 minutes:


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