Are you curbing your sugar cravings with NO SUGAR TREATS?

IsoMalto-Oligosachharides (IMO’s) are the SECOND ingredient in Smart Sweets. What are they? It is a chain of DIGESTABLE and NON-DIGESTABLE sachhardies (carbohydrates). They are naturally occuring in Miso, Saki, soy sauce and honey, in VERY small quantities. The non-digestable part cannot be broken down in the small intestine, and when

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A couple of Food Prep tips to BOOST Nutrition Value!

-> Slow cook for 3 hours in a Dutch oven Incorporate as many herbs and spices as possible! Herbs and spices have been shown to have a number of health benefits for the gut, including: Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties: Many herbs and spices contain high levels of antioxidants,

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CrossFit Lite – June 8, 2023

6 sets with barbell from rack  1 strict press2 push press3 overhead squat 12 alternating heavy DB box step ups in between sets  4 rounds6 squat clean8

June 8, 2023

2 sets:10 reps per side, adductor dip10 reps per side, T-hip rotation5 reps per side, thoracic bridge 2 sets:10 reps per side, floor slider side

CrossFit Lite – June 7, 2023

20 min easy20 hollow rocks20 arch lifts45s mountain climbers45s Copenhagen plank L45s Copenhagen plank R 7 min amrap8 renegade row25’ broad jump8 ring row25’ broad


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