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Did you wake up today and think “I HAVE to go to WORK” “I HAVE to workout” “I HAVE to wake up early” “I HAVE to eat my fruits and vegetables” “I CAN’T have a drink tonight” WHAT if you change your negative thoughts, emotions and perceptions to something more

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The importance of Non-Scale Victories

Who has ever been discouraged by the scale?  Body weight is a very fluid and dynamic measure. Your weight can change based on your hydration, workout, stress, hormone status and the size of your last meal just to name a few! It will also fluctuate, day to day and hour

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Spring 2023 Training

With the CrossFit Open in our rearview, it’s a great opportunity to reset and rebuild. The first and best thing The Open provides us is an opportunity to objectively assess our fitness compared to the rest of the CrossFit community. If your goal is to progress in CrossFit, then there

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CrossFit Lite – June 7, 2023

20 min easy20 hollow rocks20 arch lifts45s mountain climbers45s Copenhagen plank L45s Copenhagen plank R 7 min amrap8 renegade row25’ broad jump8 ring row25’ broad

June 7, 2023

Every 75 seconds x 4 sets:6 snatch grip push press6 overhead squats Every 75 seconds X 4 sets:4 dip snatch 4 overhead squats Every minute, on

CrossFit Lite – June 6, 2023

Strict Push/Pull:12 min Emom:10 Ring pulls8-10 pushups5-8 strict bar pullups8-10 strict ring dips  12 min ascending3 front squats3 jumping pull ups6/69/912/12


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