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This Holiday Season, THRIVE, don’t DEPRIVE

Approaching the holidays, we often start to create unrealistic expectations of how to avoid all the sweet treats, eat enough just to taste Christmas Dinner, or add exercise to erase everything we ate….. What happened to enjoying traditional food with family and friends?  These special moments create positive emotions and

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Trust The Process

We live in a world where everything is at our fingertips, and if we want something, we have been conditioned to believe we can get what we want right away. However, when it comes to making changes to our bodies and lifestyle, meaningful change happens slowly. It can be tough

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Gear For CrossFit

When you walked into your first CrossFit class, you may have noticed some people wearing shoes or using gear that is different from your normal gym.  Depending on the WOD (workout of the day), members may wear special shoes with heel lifts, wraps around their wrists, or belts around their

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How to Beat Late Night Cravings

Do you often feel hungry in the evening? Like you can’t keep yourself out of the snack cupboard?  If the answer is, “yes”, then this article is for you.  When I sit down with a nutrition client for the first time and ask them what they struggle with, one of

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Why Having a Coach is a Fast Track to Results

Here’s why having a coach is a fast track to results. The world is full of shiny and distracting fitness trends. With access to content on social media, blogs, YouTube, podcasts, you name it… It can be hard to sort through what is true, what is false, and what is

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COVID Protocols

We are very excited to be welcoming everyone back to CrossFit Vernon. Here is an outline of the new protocols you can expect to follow while in the gym during the ‘new normal’. Right now we are trying to cover all of our bases and are hoping that many of

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