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30s on 30s off: 1. Burpee box jump overs 2. DB Snatch, alternating 3. Thrusters 4. Shuttle run 5. Double-unders x2 rounds Rest 5 min x3 sets

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Bernier Strong

For those of you who don’t know, we have a friend who was involved in a bad work accident, which has hospitalized him. We are doing a fundraiser this weekend, at our Grand Opening on Saturday, to raise funds to support him and his family. I don’t know how to

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CrossFit Lite 01/10/15

Warmup: Rowling Lift: 5 rounds: split squats x 5/side alternating with: banded good mornings x 10 WOD: “Dirty 30” 30 calories rowing 30 squats 30 situps 30 double under skips x 2 rounds

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EMOM x6 (Warm-up): 1 Muscle snatch, 1 Power snatch, 1 Full snatch, Rest 3 min EMOM x6 (Build-up): 2 Power snatch, 1 Full snatch, Rest 3 min EMOM x6 (Work): 2 Power snatch

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CrossFit Lite 30/09/15

Warmup: Burgener + mobility Lift: EMOM: 12 minutes: 1 hang clean, 1 full clean, 1 jerk Workout: “Ab City!” 4 rounds: plank 20 seconds plank side 20 seconds plank other side 20 seconds 1 minute rest

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AMRAP in 6: Row 10 cal, 6 Burpees over the rower, 12 KB Swings Rest 3 minutes AMRAP in 6: 6 Pull-ups, 20 Double-unders, 12 Wall-balls Rest 3 minutes AMRAP in 6: 1 Parking lot shuttle (200m), 10 Slam-ball

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CrossFit Lite 29/09/15

Warmup: Shoulder circuit: 7 way shoulder stretch 3 rounds: 10 forward arm circles 10 reverse arm circles 10 band pull aparts 10 bend and bow 30 second pec stretch/side Lift: bench press 8×2 WOD: 10 minute AMRAP: 5 hang cleans 5 strict press 5 push press 5 burpees over the

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Gymnastics warm-up Skill practice: Toes to bar Every minute on the minute for ten minutes Even: 6-10 Toes to bar/Toes to belly button Odd: Row 10/15 Cal

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CrossFit Lite 28/09/15

Warmup: Alternating rounds of: 6 rounds total (3 each) Slam ball 20 seconds on, 40 seconds off Burpees 20 seconds on, 40 seconds off Lift: 5 rounds sumo deadlifts x 5 1 leg RDL x 5/leg (with a barbell for this time. focus on initiating with leg that reaches back)

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