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CrossFit Lite: 11.25.22

2-3 rounds:30s cats and cows5 up and downdogs30s external rotation overhead reach (orange band) 2-3 rounds:10 wall hinges10 ring rows15 banded overhead reaches EMOM x 10:1. 3 push-press + 3 push-jerks2. 20 walking lunges 5 rounds for Time:10 jumping pull-ups15 thrusters20 sit-ups

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CrossFit Lite: 11.24.22

3 rounds:10 dowel pass throughs5 straddle sit ups5 inchworm push-ups30s hollow overhead reaches10 beat swings into the box EMOM x 25:1. 6 burpee box jump overs2. 6.6 toes to bar3. 8-12 calories ski erg4. 20-30 seconds superman raise5. 20-30s handstand hold (or feet on box)

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CrossFit Lite: 11/23/22

2 sets:1 minute 90/90 swivel30s/side hip flexor stretch 2 sets:5/5 T-spine rotations5 bench T-Spine reach backs 2 sets:5/5 side lunge to curtsy lunge30 seconds hip flexor march Every 2:30 minutes x 4 sets:6 Front Squat S/S12 ring rows 5 rounds for Quality:20 alt. box step ups10/10 single arm banded row20 KB

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CrossFit Lite: 11/22/22

2 Rounds:1 minute ski erg30s external rotations10/10 single arm pull-downs10 banded bent over rows 5 sets:4-6 reps HEAVY Barbell Bent Over Rows– rest 60-90 seconds –  In Partners:100 DB hang power cleans100 shuttle runs100 DB push-press100 double unders

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CrossFit Lite: 11/21/22

20 minutes:10/10 Hip Airplane20 alt side lunges (feet stay in the same spot)3 x 4 point slider reach10 alt. KB halos5/5 lateral medicine ball slams 30s WORK/30s REST x 20 seconds:1. slamballs 2. calories3. burpees4. drop lunges5. plank pulll throuhgs

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CrossFit Lite: 11/18/22

2 rounds:5/5 sit throughs10/10 single leg skips 3x 4 point slider reaches 5/5 single leg hops 4 rounds:Box Step Ups8 RIGHT, rest 45s, 8 LEFT rest 45s EMOM x 20:1.8- 12 push-ups2. 20 KB swings3. 30s Adductor plank left4. 8-12 ring rows5. 30s adductor plank RIGHT 

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CrossFit Lite: 11/17/22

20 minutes easy:5/5 pretzel stretches10/10 side plank row25 ft. Right and Left lateral bear crawl20s/side hip rotations10/10 curtsy lunges FOR TIME:500m Row35 alternating DB hang snatches25 air squats500m Row25 air squats35 alternating DB hang snatches500m Row -15 Minute Cap-

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CrossFit Lite: 11/16/22

10 minutes:1 minute ski erg10 dowel pass throughs10 cats and cows with dowel12-15 behind the neck pulls EMOM x 12:1. 5-10 kipping pull-ups2. 16 alt. DB bench press 12 minute AMRAP12 DB push-press20 shuttle runs12 step down box jumps20 calorie bike/ski

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CrossFit Lite: 11/15/22

2 rounds:10 up and down dogs5/5 side lunge to curtsy lunge10 goblet good mornings5/5 single arm + leg RDL10 deadbugs Every 2:30 x 4 sets:6 sumo deadlifts40s plank hold 5 rounds:25 ft. OH walking lunges10 ground to overhead25ft. OH walking lunges10 plate sit ups

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CrossFit Lite: 11/14/22

2 rounds:10 alt. pec stretch10 alt. bridge and reach10 scap push-ups10 ring rows20 band pull aparts 5 Rounds: (3+/- warm – up sets)5 Bench Press + 30s bear crawl 8 Minute AMRAP:10 DB bent over rows10 wallballs 30 double unders/skips

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