CF Lite 240914

800 m run
1. Focus: Thoracic extension and rotation
Thoracic twist in quadruped
Thoracic foam roll, and lacrosse ball roll
Psoas roll
2. Focus: Hips and wrist mobility
hip stretch with bands
Keep band in rack, and use it for wrist stretch
Front rack stretch with band
Lift: Olympic Lifting
hang power cleans
power cleans from the floor
touch and go
4 rounds:
8 deadlift
8 hang cleans
8 push press
8 front squats
2 minutes rest


SWEAT 45 – April 22, 2024

Cardio circuit  20s on 10s off -3 min per movement 6x each movement before moving to the nextWall balls caloriesBurpeecaloriesSkippingCalories PullupscaloriesBox jumpsCalories 

April 22, 2024

21 Wall balls 200 m run 21 Burpee200 m run 21 Pullups200 m run  15 Wall balls 200 m run 15 Burpee200 m run 15 Pullups200 m run 9 Wall balls 200

April 22, 2024

Split jerk tech In 10 minutes, build to a heavy set of 1 front squat + 1 split jerk Dip clean + Split jerk:3 sets


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