CrossFit Lite 01/04/15

Easter Egg Hunt!
(We are closed for Good Friday so TODAY is the Easter celebration!)
Whatever they find in their Easter Eggs!
“Crain” with a twist:
30 minute AMRAP:
20 push-ups
50 m run
20 deadlifts
50 m run
20 box jumps
50 m run
20 burpees
50 m run
20 wall-balls
50 m run
20 pull-ups/ring rows
50 m run


CrossFit Lite – March 30, 2023

2-16 Ascending reps +2/roundPistolsHanging weighted knee raise 5 rounds for quality12 Gorilla Row8 Heel elevated KB squat12 Ring rowPlank Hold ALAP

March 30, 2023

Skill: Hanstand hold / Pike push-ups+EMOM x8:1. 6-8 pike handstand push-ups2. 30-40 seconds wall-facing handstand hold 5 rounds for time:8 calories10 push-ups12 kettlebell swings


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