CrossFit Lite 04/05/15

Mike Memorial WOD:

high knees
butt kickers
knee lift, lunge
lunge with a twist
10 dowel hinges
10 ring rows or beat swings
“Mike” Memorial WOD:
In teams of 2, with only one partner working at a time:
20 minutes of:
Row 1973m
Then AMRAP: (one partner works at a time, share the reps)
23 kettlebell swings
23 box jump overs or step overs
23 pull ups or ring rows
Then at the end of 20 minutes, everyone stops what they’re doing and runs 2015 meters!
(That will be 10 x 200 m runs, alternating with your partner.  The last partner will run 15 m down the gym on the final one.)


February 22, 2024

From the floor:1-1-1-1-1 Strict press3-3-3-3 Push press5-5-5 Push jerk 10 minutes @continuous pace:10 barbell bent over rows30 seconds reverse plank 5 rounds, 30 seconds per

SWEAT 45 – February 21, 2024

10 min AMRAP warmup10/12 cal ski erg 5/5 single arm Kneeling DB press20 Banded pull aparts10Banded press  :45/:15 x 30Seated DB pressCalories Ring row caloriesDB chest fly 


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