CrossFit Lite 17/11/14

15 minute gymnastics warmup:
5 active shoulders
5 beat swings
5 inchworms with thoracic flexion
2 wall climbs or scale
5 slam balls with squat
5 standing broad jumps
15 minute technique work:
hang snatch
from the floor
3 rounds:
10 box jumps
10 slam balls
10 alternating dumbbell snatch
10 ring rows/pullups


September 29, 2023

Skill: Ring muscle-ups EMOM x6: 1-5 ring muscle-ups or progression For time:50 double-unders40 alternating weighted box step-ups30 push-ups50 double-unders20 alternating weighted box step-ups15 push-ups50 double-unders10


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