CrossFit Lite 2015 Update

CrossFit Lite 2015
The CrossFit Lite Program begins its second year with our group: Coach Deanna, Coach Tavia, Coach Jesse, and Coach Marco. We have learned a lot in the past year, we’ve made changes where we felt the need, and as a result… we have built a program that we are extremely proud of. The CrossFit Lite Program is FUN above all else, it’s full of laughter everyday. We have our members to thank for that. The program has graduated many members on to the regular program, with (prideful) tears from our coaches and pats on the back. We all feel as though we develop strong skills and pay attention to details in the CrossFit Lite program. With two coaches working each class, members get tons of support and feedback and that is something we pride ourselves on. We also get lots of folks from the ‘regular’ program into our class, and we LOVE it. We love the openness and welcoming nature of our members in the CrossFit Lite program.
Now… here is some insight into what to expect for 2015 in CrossFit Lite.
The CrossFit Lite program is designed on a 5 day cycle, alternating between these days: squat, upper body pulling, lower body pulling, upper body pushing, and olympic weightlifting. We have been extremely happy with the results of this program. In the beginning of the program, I played around with adding in days solely for skill development and gymnastics; however, I have found it more beneficial to add those gymnastics and skills into warm-ups and into strength circuits.
Strength Circuits are another change you may have noticed over the last couple of months. Strength circuits allow me to incorporate accessory work that compliments the specific lift or pattern we are developing. Also, it eliminates boredom between a set of 5 reps. Strength circuits also increase release of human growth hormone. In simpler terms, it keeps you guys busy, gets you talking less and working harder, and gets you more jacked.
For example, on a bench day, you might do a set of 5 on the bench, then a band series with scapular retractions for 10 reps. As some might not know, you have to have a strong back to bench, in addition, we’ve been working really hard to avoid internal rotation and strengthen healthy shoulder movement. Therefore, combining a strength lift with a complimentary mobility focus will enhance movement quality and assist in avoiding injuries. On a deadlift day, you may notice we vary the stances between sumo and conventional… we do this often. We also mix in Romanian Deadlifts, bent over rows, and specific glute or hamstring development exercises. Same goes for a squat day, you may notice we vary the squats: reverse lunges, split squats, box squats, back squats, front squats, overhead squats, and walking lunges. I love to use unilateral leg work as often as possible to ensure that we aren’t developing compensatory patterns on both legs, and to develop balance and strength. The list goes on for strength days… I hope you’re enjoying the strength circuits, as they’ll continue for the program this year.
We are also adding in the strict pull-up progression again. Beginning on week 1. Honestly, you can never be too good at pull-ups. If you’re one of those people that has done the strict pull-up progression before, you know how well it works. We want people to have solid shoulder strength: well developed lats and scapula, the ability to pull without shrugging their shoulders up to their ears, and overall upper-body health. The strict pullup progression will help you arrive at your goals faster.
Warm-ups will continue the same way we’ve been doing them, always focusing on the specific body part or movement pattern we will be doing for the strength component or the workout. There will continue to be more and more gymnastic skill developments incorporated into the warm-ups also.
I have loved every moment of coaching the CrossFit Lite program and look forward to another successful year with you all. Above all else, I wish you ENJOYMENT of your athletics in our program. Have fun every day. Work hard. And smile… it’s just a workout 😉
See you all tomorrow 🙂
Coach Deanna


CrossFit Lite – September 25, 2023

Skill: Kipping Pullups  Emom 310 ring rowEmom 43 strict pullup Emom 53-5 kipping or progression  21-15-9 Wall balls Calories  *Finisher:50 jump lunges

September 29, 2023

EMOM x6: 1-5 ring muscle-ups or progression For time:50 double-unders40 alternating weighted box step-ups30 push-ups50 double-unders20 alternating weighted box step-ups15 push-ups50 double-unders10 alternating weighted box

September 25, 2023

EMOM x20 minutes, for quality:1. 30s alternating plank shoulder taps2. 30s reverse plank hold3. 10-20 seconds top of dip hold into 10-20 seconds bottom of


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