CrossFit Lite 21/11/14

Song: Roxanne
Every time you hear, Roxanne, you have to do a sprint – one length of the gym.
Posterior Chain Warmup:
Core brace 3 rounds of 5 on/5 off
5 inchworms with pushups
ostrich walk with 20 touches
deadlift 1 RM
3 sets of 5
3 sets of 3
3 sets of 1
(last time was August 17th)
Partner workout!
10-1 deadlifts
sled pull forward one length of gym, backwards another
(alternate rounds)


March 29, 2023

2 sets:10 reps per side, adductor dip10 reps per side, T-hip rotation10 reps alternating thoracic bridge 2 sets:10 reps per side, floor slider side lunge

CrossFit Lite – March 28, 2023

3 Rounds:45 each exercise– Side to side floor thrusters– Leg Raise to windshield wiper– Plank Bird Dogs– Hollow Lifts Half of THE SEVEN:7 rounds:4 HSPU4


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