CrossFit Lite – January 16, 2024

Butts and Guts circuit: 
3 rounds: :30on /:30off
Seated DB russian twists
Heel elevated hip hikers R
Heel elevated hip hikers L 
Plank DB Pull through 
Hip thrust
Side plank hip dips R
Side plank hip dips L
Slider Curtsy lunge R
Slider curtsy lunge R
Alt bicycles 
Glute bridge march ( banded optional) 
Forarm plank leg lifts
Hamstring curls
Dead bug ( banded optional)


SWEAT 45 – February 23, 2024

10 min warmup2:00 easy cal 10 Up/ Down dog 8/8 Knee over toe 16 Banded Row 5 X 5 Min AMRAP 1 min in between5 Min AMRAP18 Cal 18 Alt

February 23, 2024

20 minutes, for quality:25-50′ floor slider seal walk10 ring swings10-20 seconds top of ring dip hold, into…10-20 seconds bottom of ring dip hold5 reps per


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