CrossFit Lite- January 2 – 2015!!! Happy New Year !!!

Strict Pull-up Progression
Week 1
Shoulder circuit:
7 way shoulder
hanging shoulder circles
snow angels x 10
inchworms with pushups
Strength:5 rounds:
Bench press
x 5
Alternating with
incline sit-ups on GHD
x 10
6 minute ASCENDING ladder:
1 dumbbell thruster
1 farmers carry length of gym
2 dumbbell thrusters
2 farmers carry lengths of gym


CrossFit Lite – June 7, 2023

20 min easy20 hollow rocks20 arch lifts45s mountain climbers45s Copenhagen plank L45s Copenhagen plank R 7 min amrap8 renegade row25’ broad jump8 ring row25’ broad

June 7, 2023

Every 75 seconds x 4 sets:6 snatch grip push press6 overhead squats Every 75 seconds X 4 sets:4 dip snatch 4 overhead squats Every minute, on

CrossFit Lite – June 6, 2023

Strict Push/Pull:12 min Emom:10 Ring pulls8-10 pushups5-8 strict bar pullups8-10 strict ring dips  12 min ascending3 front squats3 jumping pull ups6/69/912/12


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