Deanna’s Experience at the 2015 CrossFit Regionals

My Regionals Experience
I like to share my experiences with our members. I know that doing competitions makes me want to become a better coach, and always reinvigorates my passion for coaching. I think in sharing my emotional, mental and physical aspects of training, I hope to help people understand my love for the sport and maybe help encourage someone to try a competition once or twice!
I am extremely happy with my Regionals performance. I have had people ask me if I am happy or not, and I suppose they are asking because I didn’t place all that well in the standings. That doesn’t mean much to me. Last year, I set some goals for my training this year and I will take this moment to say, I am proud of myself. First, I was injury free this season and came back from a bad shoulder injury last year. You can never be disappointed with a year of training that makes you healthier and stronger. Second, I vowed to pace my workouts this year more appropriately at Regionals. I did that. I was most proud of this pacing on the rope climb event where I won my heat. It was a great feeling to save some in the tank for the end. Third, I had fun training. Yes, I complained a bit about training twice a day and being exhausted, but I did my best not to complain while working out and appreciate the time I had in the gym. We had the best support from the gym I’ve seen yet. So many people came out to train with us, you know who you are, and you rock. I really appreciated that support. I had a new training partner this year, and through that gained a new friend.  Erica, I’m so proud of you! Fourth, I PR’d all my workouts at Regionals, from when I had practiced them at the gym. I walked further on my hands than I had before, I took four minutes off my rope climb workout, I PR’d my snatch. All positives!  Fifth, I got to workout with my best friend, every day.  Thank you Jeremy for your support and partnership.  Sixth, I always enjoy seeing friends of mine at competitions.  The ladies we have in Canada West are so supportive of one another and I absolutely love sharing my nervousness, my questions, and my excitement with them.
As for improvements to be made, I will try again next year to compete at this level. It gets harder every year. I am going to spend the next couple weeks relaxing and eating a lot. This summer Jeremy and I are going to put a lot of time into the business and have some steps to make with regards to that. I am competing in a powerlifting competition in July so I will be training for that soon and working on strength components over the summer. As for goals of next year, I don’t put expectations on myself for how I will place in the standings, because I have no ability to control how other people do, I only have the ability to control how I train and how I perform. Therefore, my goals will be reflective of what I can manage in terms of time dedicated to training, while still keeping myself available to be a supportive coach, an awesome business owner of a growing business, a good mom to my pups, and a happy girlfriend and friend. For me, it is about balance. Do I want to be good at CrossFit? Absolutely! But not at the sacrifice of other areas of life. I will work on my weaknesses, as I did this year.  I love lifting, and being strong.  I need to continue to develop my gymnastics skills, so I will put the time in for that. I would also like to bring more intensity to my competitive workouts. I say this every year… because I don’t ‘fight’ to beat other people in workouts, but it doesn’t mean I can’t push my hardest too. So that’s something to improve on.
Thank you to everyone for the support. Texts, Facebook messages, training partners, financial donations… everything was and is appreciated.
Overall, a happy, healthy coach is coming back to you, with excitement to share her knowledge and experiences with you all. Competing is fun. I believe it makes us stronger because it is in those moments of challenge where we learn a little more about ourselves.  I am proud to have represented my gym, and I’m proud to be a coach at CrossFit Vernon.  I love you all.



SWEAT 45 – April 22, 2024

Cardio circuit  20s on 10s off -3 min per movement 6x each movement before moving to the nextWall balls caloriesBurpeecaloriesSkippingCalories PullupscaloriesBox jumpsCalories 

April 22, 2024

21 Wall balls 200 m run 21 Burpee200 m run 21 Pullups200 m run  15 Wall balls 200 m run 15 Burpee200 m run 15 Pullups200 m run 9 Wall balls 200

April 22, 2024

Split jerk tech In 10 minutes, build to a heavy set of 1 front squat + 1 split jerk Dip clean + Split jerk:3 sets


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