Jane Goldie

Here is my testimonial for Crossfit Vernon. When I signed up to Onramp I was 32 years old and well over 300lbs. Not living the life that I imagined for myself. I needed a big change, a kick start, a push in the right direction. So when I had 3 weeks off this past January I started Onramp with Jeremy. Admittedly the first day I walked in, I thought that maybe I was over my head. It was the one time I wished I was the type of person that showed up late or on time. Showing up early I witnessed amazing athletes effortlessly doing a WOD that I couldn’t conceive of doing. (Toes to Bar and other insanity!) I must have been looking really scared as there were a few members that approached me and welcomed me to Crossfit Vernon, and shared their story of their first day. Already unlike any other first time gym experience. From the first onramp session doing the functional movement screen to the last onramp session where I actually did the first progression of toes to bar with knees to chest, the improvements in strength, and mobility were surprising. I think in part I was expecting to have the same non-­‐results I’ve had before when I’ve gone to the gym on my own. A pivotal moment for me was a few sessions into Onramp when Jeremy mentioned to me that he didn’t think I was eating enough. I thought he was crazy! Cause surely the big girl can eat! Plus I had read a couple books on Paleo and thought I had it figured out. I filled out a food journal for a couple days and took it in and he reviewed it. For that one small action alone I am so grateful. If nothing would have been said and I would have continued the way I was going nutritionally, it could have been incredibly demotivating not to see the results I was after. Also I probably wouldn’t have jumped at the opportunity a week later when CrossFit Vernon introduced details about Melissa Joa (Holistic Nutritionist) and the services that she provides on Facebook. Melissa has taught me how to eat healthy for my body, how to listen to what my body needs, and importantly for me is the tools on how to deal with emotional eating. Working with Melissa, I have had some major light bulb moments, I’ve shared my goals, my achievements, my setbacks and even tears from my side as I have dealt with the skeletons in the closet. Crossfit Vernon, has been so accommodating to my work schedule. And even currently having Deanna program my workouts while I’m away has helped keep me motivated. And important to me is making me feel accountable. I am so grateful for the whole experience. Since joining Crossfit Vernon I have lost approximately 60lbs and have gone from a size 24 to a 16. Amazing the things that transpire when you step out of your comfort zone. Thank you! 🙂
Jane Goldie


SWEAT 45 – February 23, 2024

10 min warmup2:00 easy cal 10 Up/ Down dog 8/8 Knee over toe 16 Banded Row 5 X 5 Min AMRAP 1 min in between5 Min AMRAP18 Cal 18 Alt

February 23, 2024

20 minutes, for quality:25-50′ floor slider seal walk10 ring swings10-20 seconds top of ring dip hold, into…10-20 seconds bottom of ring dip hold5 reps per


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