Monday, December 6th

30s WORK/10s Transition x 3:
1. SKi Erg
2. Lateral bear crawl (band around wrists)
3. 30s skipping
4. wallbugs
5.push-up 2 downdog
5 sets:
6-8 strict press
S/S 10 overhead flatback reaches
3 RFT: (8 minute time cap)
4 burpees over the bar
6 hang power cleans
8 front rack reverse step back lunges


CrossFit Lite – December 5, 2023

EMOM 10 3 BB DL3 hang power clean 3 Push press  20 min AMRAP10 Heavy russian twists 10 renegade row 10 candlestick to jump up 10 Donkey kick 

December 5, 2023

Skill: Butterfly pull-ups EMOM x5:5-10 butterfly pull-ups or progression Or Coach’s choice practice 6 rounds for time25′ overhead walking lunge with a plate8 burpees onto

CrossFit Lite – December 4, 2023

24 min Butts and Guts :45/:15 Front foot elevated Alt step back lungesAb wheel outsHeavy DB hip thrustsAlt V upAlt goblet cossack squatsReverse sit up 3 rounds 12


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