November 21, 2023

20 minutes, for quality:
20 alternating grapevine box step-overs
10 reps per side, wide stance band rotation
20 alternating rotational medball slams
10 reps per side, weighted floor slider side lunge

Partner WOD, complete for time:
60 shoulder to overhead
80 hang power cleans
100 front squats
200 calories
One partner works on the barbell while the other works on the calories
Can change at anytime
Barbell movements are completed “chipper style”


CrossFit Lite – December 4, 2023

24 min Butts and Guts :45/:15 Front foot elevated Alt step back lungesAb wheel outsHeavy DB hip thrustsAlt V upAlt goblet cossack squatsReverse sit up 3 rounds 12

December 4, 2023

20 minutes, for quality (Partner):5 reps per side, thoracic bridge5 reps per side, T-hip rotation5 reps per side 1/2 kneeling partner medball throw 5 rounds,

December 1, 2023

Skill : wall walk 20 min for quality 20 plank Shoulder taps10 alt Seated DB strict press5 Down dog -plank-push ups 1-3 wall walk 15 – 9 –


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