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CrossFit Vernon
When I started at CrossFit Vernon, I was two weeks shy of my 38th birthday and incredibly out of shape after having two kids. I remember not being able to do a single ‘ladies’ pushup and wanted to up my body before it was too late. It has been 11 months and I am now in the best shape of my life. The workouts have strengthened my body in ways that I had never dreamed possible after kids. I can squat my body weight. I can climb a rope to the ceiling. I actually have visible abs. I am stronger than I have ever been but have also leaned out, dropping to a size two without dieting. I am not a sporty person or an ‘athletic type’, so it is exciting to see what my body can do and I am thrilled when I surprise myself by being able to do something new. CrossFit Vernon gets results, even for those of us who don’t have hours to spend at the gym. Thank you to Jeremy and everyone at CrossFit Vernon for encouraging and supporting me, and recognizing that I can do it, even when I am not sure myself.
-Isabel Mother of two, Grade one teacher


March 24, 2023

5 sets, @increasing effort:6-8 pull-ups @21X120 hollow plate pull-overs6-8 deficit push-ups45 seconds reverse plank 4 rounds for time:15 toes to bar50′ dumbbell front rack walking


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