Testimonial Time – Kelly McNally

CrossFit has changed so many things for me, it’s pretty remarkable. If someone
had told me a few years ago that I would become completely addicted to lifting
weights, swinging a kettle bell, and worst of all running! I would have laughed…
I would have had no idea what a kettle bell was either, but here I am and I can’t
imagine not doing it, I mean I’m pretty upset when I miss a class. The camaraderie
of CrossFit is just awesome, no matter how I feel..tired, sad, pissed off, nothing
makes me feel better than getting my butt kicked in a sweaty wod! or getting a
PR! and the results you see! I just love it so much!
Jeremy and Deanna have both taught me so much, they are so dedicated to
what they do and you can see in both of them how much they love it and that
makes me love it even more. Watching Jer repeat himself day in and day out
and never getting upset, and of course always being right..I just love you as my
coach, you’re a patient and awesome man.. you were definitely meant to do this.
Deanna I love your spirit, your humor and your’ve got to be one
of the most positive people I’ve ever met! You’re a force to be reckoned with!
I love you both, and your little dogs too! Thanks for all you do.
-Kelly McNally


December 1, 2022

6 sets, every 2:00: 4 deadlift @21X1 *not touch and go, start @7-8/10, add 0-10lbs per set 2 warm-up + 3 sets, heavy across: 12

November 30, 2022

EMOM x6: 2 tall clean to low squat 2 tall split jerks + 6-minutes to build to a heavy set for the day: Clean deadlift

November 29, 2022

Skill: Ring muscle-ups + Every 2 minutes x 10:00 minutes: 1-5 ring muscle-ups or progression 30 skips or double-unders Easy calories AMRAP in 12 minutes:


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