Testimonial Time – Landon MacKay

CrossFit Vernon
The main man Jeremy Meredith, this guy knows whats up, From his knowledge of the whole concept of the game, to his drive to learn and make his coaches, athletes, and everyone around him better. He has the ability to represent something he truly believes in while making people feel and want the same things he does. The positive energy and knowledge oozes from this guy. We have seen him grow as an athlete and evolve over the last couple years into a coach that in my honest and humble opinion is one of the best in the biz.
Jeremy has acquired quite the team of coaches to help him with his vision. His side kick and main homie (girlfriend) Deanna Fester. Also known as Coach D, young Deezy and just D for some people. If you want the definition of what a female CrossFitter is look no further. This firecracker has made a name for herself and has climbed the ranks of the sport in western Canada very quickly. With one of the keenest eyes and fastest knowledge absorption I have ever seen Deanna makes every person, any size, strength, or attitude better in every way at this gym, shit probably in most gyms. Im proud to have D as a coach and even more as a friend, there will be times when things are hard or seem almost impossible and she will be there keeping you going every step of the way.
Then we have Tyler, Tavia, and my dood Marco. These guys are the real deal.
With Jeremy and Deanna showing these awesome turkeys the ropes they have been able to become some of the strongest people i know. They have shown me,taught me, and helped me in more ways than they know. Not only as coaches but as friends too. Especially when I injured myself at the Taranis Competition. You can tell these guys care and really really love what they because the people around them are getting better and stronger every day.
When I first started CrossFit I weighed 250 lbs, couldn’t do a kipping pull up, overhead squats were non existent, and a muscle up was a distant dream. Watching a lot of the athletes do things like compete and coach made me want more much more. With their help I am able to do almost all of the movements confidently, and push myself to limits I never thought i could ever reach. My diet has changed and with the hard work and processes at CrossFit Vernon I have lost 50 lbs and gained incredible strength. I am now competing with amazing friends, Amanda, Tavia, and Marco, We call ourselves the “Swollar Bears.” Things that i never thought i would even come close to thinking of doing are now a reality.
I have also been able to see the love of my life, Jennifer turn into this confident, goal driven, and incredibly strong woman I never knew I had. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my wife throw weights around like they are nothing. She seems to PR something once a week, and doesn’t let any injury ever hold her back. My little dude austin has been doing CrossFit kids as well. I saw the other day that in a very short time without him even noticing, he has improved his squats and can keep his feet flat to the floor instead of on his toes. So proud. He can almost throw down a pull-up too!!
All in all if I never made the decision that one January morning 2 years ago, to go try this thing they call CrossFit I would not have the life that I have now. And yes working out, and being in shape, and doing crazy things like handstand pushups and muscle ups is absolutely incredible. But the one real reason that keeps me coming back, the real reason i tape up my wrists, the real reason I peel myself off the floor after every workout, and the real reason I challenge myself every day is. The people. They are the reason this is such an amazing place.
-Landon MacKay


February 22, 2024

From the floor:1-1-1-1-1 Strict press3-3-3-3 Push press5-5-5 Push jerk 10 minutes @continuous pace:10 barbell bent over rows30 seconds reverse plank 5 rounds, 30 seconds per

SWEAT 45 – February 21, 2024

10 min AMRAP warmup10/12 cal ski erg 5/5 single arm Kneeling DB press20 Banded pull aparts10Banded press  :45/:15 x 30Seated DB pressCalories Ring row caloriesDB chest fly 


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