Testimonial Time – Terri Stevens

The CrossFit journey I have been following has helped me
become a stronger and happier individual. I started CrossFit
about a year and a half ago and have never regretted my
decision to start. Every morning I look forward to the
positive atmosphere I am greeted to as I walk in the door.
I never know what or how hard the workout is going to
be and I continue to come back every morning because
I know how great and awesome I feel after I complete
each and every workout. I am achieving and reaching new
goals I never thought were possible. My self respect and
awareness of my own physical abilities have increased
immensely. My inspiration to come back everyday to
CrossFit is achieved through experiencing personal gains
and watching others progress and gain through the sport
of CrossFit. I can gladly admit I am addicted to CrossFit!
Jeremy, Dee, and all the coaches at CrossFit are amazing athletes and role models. They are always there to guide and push you through any obstacle. They offer great advice, guidance, coaching abilities, and always possess a positive attitude towards their CrossFit family. Keep up the good work and keep pushing all of us!!
-Terri Stevens


CrossFit Lite – March 5, 2024

Skill Handstand Pushups  2 rounds for time:30 cal row20 Air squats 10 Handstand push ups (Or progression)  Rest 2:00 2 rounds for time 10 Handstand push ups 20

March 5, 2024

Skill: Ring muscle-ups Ever 2:00 x 5 sets (10 minutes):1-5 ring muscle-upsEasy machine in remaining time 3 rounds for time:3 push-ups3 pull-ups10 overhead walking lunges

SWEAT 45 – March 4, 2024

5 rounds :45 on/:30 off Sumo DLAb wheel outsHeavy banded good morningsDB weighted sit ups ( can have toes under DB)Goblet cossack squats  6 min amrap3/side –


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