Thursday, December 16th

5 rounds:
1 minute farmers Carry
30s bird dogs + 30s bear crawl
1 minute (30s/30s overhead carry)
1 minute grapevine step over
10/10 cross body chop
Chipper Partner Workout
(split reps how ever you like, must complete one task before the other)
25 burpee box jump overs
50 hang power cleans (barbell)
100 wallballs
200 calories
300 skips/DU/s


December 1, 2023

Skill : wall walk 20 min for quality 20 plank Shoulder taps10 alt Seated DB strict press5 Down dog -plank-push ups 1-3 wall walk 15 – 9 –

December 1, 2023

Every 2:30 for 5 rounds:5 strict press5 reps per side, tall kneeling bottoms up kettlebell windshield wiper 1 warm-up + 3 heavy sets:6-8 heavy dumbbell

November 30, 2023

Front Squat Emom 10 building 2 @ 22×1 Partner row for time I row, you row :100m row250 m row500 m row 1000 m row 500m row250 m Row100m row 


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