Jeremy Meredith owner of Jeremy Meredith

Jeremy Meredith


Jeremy is the founder, owner, and head coach of CrossFit Vernon. He opened CrossFit Vernon in 2010 at the young age of 24 years old. Jeremy’s mission for CrossFit Vernon is to use his tools as a fitness professional to enrich the lives of as many people as possible. Our CrossFit Vernon strategy is to meet people where they are at and to focus on the goals and needs of the individual.

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Tavia Pol coach at Jeremy Meredith

Tavia Pol


Tavia was born and raised here in Vernon, BC and loves the outdoor and active lifestyle the Okanagan has to offer. She played high level volleyball, basketball and competitively danced for years before finding CrossFit. CrossFit allows her to workout with a purpose and bring out her inner competitor and enjoy fitness.

Tavia has a degree in Human Kinetics and loves learning how to optimize human movement and has recently found a passion for nutrition and the value it can have on one’s overall well being.

Qualifications CSEP- Certified Personal Trainer CrossFit Level 2 Coach Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics First Aid and CPR-C Precision Nutrition – Level 1

Steven Fry coach at Jeremy Meredith

Steven Fry


Steven grew up with the vision of becoming a professional ski racer. From the age of 5, he would dream of racing in the world cup and kept his eyes glued on that goal until he was 20. He had the opportunity to take his racing around the world and climb the ranks to top 20 in Canada in the speed events.

It wasn’t until after he finished ski racing when he finally stepped into a CrossFit gym and quickly realized how potent CrossFit would have been as a training method for ski racing. Following retirement from ski racing, he moved on to coaching youth ski racing in Nelson, BC. He integrated CrossFit into the training program to prepare the racers for the season and found excellent major fitness improvements among the racers which translated to very capable athletes on the snow. After 4 years of ski coaching, Steven became a certified CrossFit Trainer out of a passion to help people become healthier. He knows a healthy lifestyle is a fun lifestyle and is devoted to empowering members to push their boundaries and unlock levels of fitness and movement that they never thought they were capable of.

Qualifications CrossFit Level 2 Coach CrossFit Level 1 Trainer First Aid, CPR

Kali Butler coach at Jeremy Meredith

Kali Butler


Born and raised in the small mountain town of Rossland BC, I grew up mountain biking and skiing. I fell in love with the CrossFit methodology in 2016 after graduating College. Before finding my passion for outdoor activities and fitness I was known for being the kid at the ski hill that would rather be inside eating french fries than be skiing and was always the last one to finish the track and field races.

Who knew I would end up where I am today? Point being made, I didn’t know how much I would love being in a gym everyday until I was more mature. I clearly wasn’t born with it! As a teenager I often found myself struggling with body image issues. I tried different diets and exercise programs but none of them stuck and neither did the results. I did however discover my passion for learning about the body during this time. Fast forward to 2016, I walked into a CrossFit gym for the very first time. Nervous as heck, but I had been thinking about it for a long time. I saw the strong women in there and was so inspired by them. I couldn’t really do a proper push-up or pull-up but I knew I had walked into the right place. I fell in love with the short, spicy workouts and the intensity. Every time I left a class I felt like I learned something about myself. I love that the objective was more based on performance rather than trying to build a specific body composition. And that I could suffer through these hard workouts with others. It didn’t take long before I decided to take my CrossFit Level 1. To this day it is still one of the best weekends of my life. Whenever I walk into a CrossFit gym, there is always someone I am inspired by whether it is grandma doing her version of Fran or the new person learning how to do proper air squats and push-ups for the first time. I love my job as a trainer and coach and I hope that I can inspire you along your fitness journey as well!

Qualifications Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3) CrossFit Anatomy Certificate CrossFit Weightlifting Level 1 Certificate NASM – CPT Precision Nutrition Level 1 First Aid and CPR-C

Shauna Lewis


Just like good beef, I was born, raised and well aged in Alberta, I found my love of teaching and coaching at the age of 14 as a Swim Instructor to children, adults and even parents with new babies. This ignited a passion for fitness for myself as well as guiding others to discover their own.

I love seeing and helping average people do amazing things. Over the years I have dabbled in pursuing and coaching bodybuilding, roller derby, boxing and eventually found a home in Yoga. 6 months after my first yoga class I was certified to teach and have been teaching multiple forms of yoga for over 10 years. In 2013 my boxing coach suggested I add this new fad called “CrossFit” into my training and was immediately hooked. In 2014 I packed up my 2 kids and whole life and moved to Salmon Arm to open up a Hot Yoga studio where I also joined Crossfit Salmon Arm. Within 4 months of attending classes, I was competing in local competitions and certified as an L1 trainer and started Coaching. Over the last 8 years I have continued to develop as an Athlete and Coach, adding in Nutrition Coaching and building credentials as a Yoga instructor as well as a Crossfit Coach. I plan to continue to learn and grow and look forward to helping the community of Vernon Crossfit exceed their own expectations and push their limits in every way. The Community of CrossFit makes me emotional just thinking about the positive impact it’s had on my life as well as anyone I know who has walked into a CrossFit gym. This isn’t just a gym, it’s a community of regular humans, doing superhuman things and I’m so thankful and excited that I get to go to work every day and be a part of that!

CrossFit L1 Trainer, CrossFit L2 Coach, Precision Nutrition Level -1 , 5000hr YTT Yoga Instructor, First Aid, CPR


Client Success Manager

Taelor grew up in the lower mainland and relocated with her husband and kids in 2019!I started CrossFit in 2021, 3 months after my last baby was born. Having done competitive sports through high school, CrossFit seemed like a natural fit. I love the group dynamics and working out with friends. Being apart of the team at CrossFit Vernon allows me to put my customer service skills to use.

I absolutely love being on the team, we have the most amazing members, and celebrating them is easy to do! Having both parents as Restaurant Managers, I found a love for customer service. Finding new ways to show people that they matter, and are important is one of my favourite things! I’ve worked in a plethora of fields, from construction, to restaurants, banks and coffee shops, which allows me to relate to people of all backgrounds. I love organization and keeping things orderly.


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