For everyone that has been following the program closely since January 1, the next 3 days will be considered deload or rest days. I strongly suggest you either take these days completely off or come in and perform them at only 80% intensity. The programming will reflect some easier workouts until Friday and then we will start a new training cycle on Monday.
For anybody that is interested in learning more about the long term training plan for the gym, we will be having an info session this Sunday, Feb 16. We will cover many topics like programming, nutrition, and competing in The Open. We will finish the talk off with a bit of a Q&A.
10 min Foam roll/Lax ball on shoulders,
2 Rounds: 7-way shoulder stretch,
Shoulder circles with band,
Ankle stretch,
All-four hip rotations,
Dynamic soleus stretch,
Squat hip rotations
4 Rounds for time:
10 Slam-ball,
10 Wall-ball,
10 40′ Shuttle sprints


CrossFit Lite – December 5, 2023

EMOM 10 3 BB DL3 hang power clean 3 Push press  20 min AMRAP10 Heavy russian twists 10 renegade row 10 candlestick to jump up 10 Donkey kick 

December 5, 2023

Skill: Butterfly pull-ups EMOM x5:5-10 butterfly pull-ups or progression Or Coach’s choice practice 6 rounds for time25′ overhead walking lunge with a plate8 burpees onto

CrossFit Lite – December 4, 2023

24 min Butts and Guts :45/:15 Front foot elevated Alt step back lungesAb wheel outsHeavy DB hip thrustsAlt V upAlt goblet cossack squatsReverse sit up 3 rounds 12


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