CFL 280814

10 kb swings to chin
10 kb swings overhead
10 1 arm kb swings/arm
Lighter Kettlebell:
3 arm bars plus sit up/arm
3 turkish getups/arm
Hang Snatch with a barbell:
10 shrugs from the dip
10 shrugs and pulls
10 shrugs and pulls from the hang
10 drop snatches (from behind the neck)
10 hang snatches (from above knee)
10 full snatches (from below the knee)
20 pull-ups
20 box jumps
20 double unders
30 situps
30 kb swings
30 alternating dumbbell snatch


March 29, 2023

2 sets:10 reps per side, adductor dip10 reps per side, T-hip rotation10 reps alternating thoracic bridge 2 sets:10 reps per side, floor slider side lunge

CrossFit Lite – March 28, 2023

3 Rounds:45 each exercise– Side to side floor thrusters– Leg Raise to windshield wiper– Plank Bird Dogs– Hollow Lifts Half of THE SEVEN:7 rounds:4 HSPU4


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