CrossFit Kids winds down for summer…

Dear Parents of CrossFit Kids,
First of all, thank you for supporting CrossFit Kids at CrossFit Vernon.  We have absolutely adored the group of kids we had this year!
We are sad to say that we are wrapping up this program for the summer.  Our last day of the program will be Thursday, June 11th.  We used to run programs for teens during the summer months and found that enrolment was extremely low.  Therefore, we have found it best to put the kids program on hold for the summer and support families who participate in all the outdoor activities that the Okanagan has to offer: camping, hiking, swimming, boating, cycling, soccer, etc…  We must say, this is our most successful year of this program, in enrolment, participation and attendance.  It seems each year the program grows and develops.  We are very proud of our CrossFit Kids!
We believe our program helps facilitate fun in fitness.  That is our number one goal with regards to the kids program.  We want them to have fun each and every time they come to CrossFit.  As our slogan states, “Play Now, Play for Life”; our greatest hope is that the little ones are able to carry this enjoyment for fitness through their lifespan.   Our hope is that they continue to develop an understanding of how their bodies move and how to take care of themselves in movement and fitness.
I would like to take this opportunity to have you send me some feedback.  I would love to hear what your children think of the program, and any comments or suggestions you may have as well.  We like to have open communication between members and owners.  You can email with any suggestions you may have.  As well, I would love some testimonials, as we enjoy being able to share stories on our website if you’re open to sharing your children’s CrossFit journey with us.
Lastly, if any of your children are nearing the age of 12 and are interested in continuing their CrossFit endeavours and feel they are outgrowing CrossFit Kids, they are welcome to do the On Ramp and join the CrossFit Teens classes!   We are always delighted to have children transition from the kids classes into the teens, and then eventually… onto the adult classes.  It may be Coach Deanna’s proudest moment… watching the love of the sport continue as these kids grow. 🙂
Thank you again for your support and we look forward to seeing you next year!
Our CrossFit Kids program will begin again, Tuesday, September 1st!
Family DayFullSizeRender (9)IMG_3098Deanna Fester
CrossFit Vernon


CrossFit Lite – September 22, 2023

Barbell power clean4 sets: 1 Clean DL to pockets1 Clean pull Emom 6 1 Power clean   3 rounds 20 min time cap 50 deadlifts 50 wall balls400m runmax power cleans

September 22, 2023

Front squat @22X1, build to a heavy set of 2 for the day  1-2 warm-ups + 3 heavy sets across: 8 barbell good mornings 3 heavy

CrossFit Lite – September 21, 2023

Tabata:SET 1 Odd: Hollow HoldEven: Arch Hold SET 2Odd: Plank Even: Wall sit 2:00 on 1:00 Off X10 sets:6 Slam ball/ lateral box jump over/ burpeeMax calories


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