Testimonial Time – Garry Van Soest – CrossFit Vernon

CrossFit Vernon
A very active lifestyle is a goal our family aspires to. Living in the Okanagan with its four moderate seasons our family enjoys as many activities as possible. Physical fitness and athletic ability play a major role in how intense we can participate in these activities and since incorporating Cross Fit into our family’s routine two years ago our intensity has elevated significantly and so has our fun. Jeremy and Deanna understand how Cross Fit is a life-long training program to help us continually elevate our active lifestyle to the fullest. Thank you!
-Garry van Soest


February 29, 2024

Game!Ab wheel relay 5 rounds for time, with a partner (I go, you go):5x 50′ shuttle runs, each9 burpee box jump overs, each21 kettlebell swings,

SWEAT 45 – February 28, 2024

2:00 on/1:00 off x 48 caloriesAMRAP burpees with time remaining 2:00 on/1:00 off x 410 calories AMRAP DB push press with time remaining 2:00 on/1:00 off


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