Wednesday, November 10th

3 rounds:
10 groiner Rotate
30s/side single arm front rack march
10/10 Pallof Reach + Press
10 push-up toe touches
5/5 Deadbugs with ball
5 sets:
Bent over row x 8
20 band pull aparts
3 rounds:
On the RIGHT side:
5 KB suitcase deadlift, 5 Kb cleans, 5 front squats, 5 presses, 5 thrusters
Repeat on the LEFT SIDE
1 minute alt. plank arm circles


January 27, 2023

2 sets:30 seconds cat/cow20 seconds hollow hold or progression20 seconds FLR 3 sets:25-50′ seal slider walk10 long sitting plate press 3 sets, for quality:5 candle

CrossFit Lite – January 26, 2023

20 min Easy:10 Side plank banded row/ side10 slider hamstring curls:30 hollow hold10 Curtsey lunge/side 3 sets building20 single-DB FR step back lunges 5 min


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