Wednesday, October 13th

3 rounds:
3/side hip flow (down-dog groiner rotate, to triangle)
10/10 hip hikers
10 hinge to squat
3 rounds:
10 push-up toe touches
10 alt. pec stretch
20 pull-aparts
Partner 1 Holds while partner 2 completes: SWITCH. Must be holding in order to work
Active Hang/30 wallballs
Plank/30 step down box jumps
hollow tuck/30 DB Push-press
shuttle runs/30 KB swings
DB overhead hold/30 burpees


March 24, 2023

5 sets, @increasing effort:6-8 pull-ups @21X120 hollow plate pull-overs6-8 deficit push-ups45 seconds reverse plank 4 rounds for time:15 toes to bar50′ dumbbell front rack walking


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