Wednesday, October 6th

2 sets:
20 death march walking steps
10 alt. side lunges
2 sets:
10/10 single leg hip hikers
30s bear crawl
8 x 4 Deadlift (4 – 5 working sets)
rest 90 seconds – 2 minutes
4 sets:
10/10 single leg RDL (staggered stance feet)
into 12-15 hip thrusts (no weight)
– rest 60 seconds –
4 sets:
30s/side single leg mountain climber slider
– rest 15s between sides/30s rest between side-


March 24, 2023

5 sets, @increasing effort:6-8 pull-ups @21X120 hollow plate pull-overs6-8 deficit push-ups45 seconds reverse plank 4 rounds for time:15 toes to bar50′ dumbbell front rack walking


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