CFL 020914

Bridge Run
Hip flexor stretch against wall
Standing knee grab and walking lunges
Walking lunges with twist
Walking lunges with pigeons
Bretzel stretch
7 way shoulder stretch
Front rack walking lunges (with the fat bar)
Building in weight – rest as needed
4×20 steps
AMRAP 15 minutes:
100 skips or 50 double unders
75 situps
50 squats
25 Knees to elbows/ring rows


SWEAT 45 – March 4, 2024

5 rounds :45 on/:30 off Sumo DLAb wheel outsHeavy banded good morningsDB weighted sit ups ( can have toes under DB)Goblet cossack squats  6 min amrap3/side –

March 4, 2024

In 8 sets, work to heavy set of 2 touch and go deadlift 10 minutes, continuous pace:10 goblet squats10 box hamstring curls 5 sets of

CrossFit Lite – March 4, 2024

Every 5:00 X 4 Sets 6 Back Squats 12 KB Sumo High Pull 16 Med ball Dead bugs 1500 m Row -(steady consistent pace)rest 1:30*then3 rounds(attempt to increase


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